Alam Indah It's Over 9000!

Come to see Traditional Balinese Paintings on exhibit
by Bapak Mangku Ketut and his artist friends

Located at the entry drive to Alam Shanti in Nyuh Kuning


Born in the village of Peliatan, Ketut Krinting loved traditional arts from an early age. 

Traditional Bali life including the arts has always been very communal and Pak Ketut joined the artist cooperative under Suteja Neka. The talent of this group of friends had their art work exhibited to many around the world.

As Cafe Wayan welcomed more guests, Bapak Ketut continued his traditional painting while also falling in love with creating gardens and guest accomodations.  Click more of:   Our Story

Today several of Bapak's original paintings are on display depicting daily Balinese life, ancient stories and myths..


by I Ketut Krinting


And you can also see some orginals by Bapak's artist friends:

by I Nyoman Daging

by I Nyoman Daging

Please come visit to view more of these beautiful paintings.

Bapak Mangku with painting of Saraswati- by artist Ketut Ginarsa

PRINTS of Bapak's original paintings are also available at the Alam Asia Crafts Shop below the gallery and at Cafe Wayan.

We also hope these paintings can help bring more smiles to others!

10% of sales are donated to The Bali Smile Foundation
facilitating operations for children with cranio-facial disabilities. 
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