Alam Indah It's Over 9000!

Our Story goes back to the beginnings of Café Wayan. 
In 1980 Ibu Wayan set up a small warung- a little bamboo hut food stall where she sold coffee,
traditional snacks and black rice pudding to the farmers on what was to become Monkey Forest Road.
Café Wayan officially opened on this same land in 1986 with six tables.
Ibu's husband, Bapak Ketut, a traditional artist began designing gardens and guest accommodations.  


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Bapak Ketut and Ibu Wayan- both artists of life...
Traditional Bali life including the arts has always been very communal and Pak Ketut joined the artist cooperative under Suteja Neka.
The talent of this group of friends had their art work exhibited to many around the world.

Bapak fell in love with Wayan Kelepon from Tebesaya. Balinese women have their own special talents- looking after the household, the family and the temple ceremonies. The making of offerings is a daily living art form itself. Although early years were quite challenging, Bapak and Ibu slowly began building a new life.

Ibu loved to cook and sharing her love for food and Bapak Ketut loved designing his gardens and creating more guest accommodations.
In 1988, Kebun Indah opened off the Pengosekan Road which since then many friends and guests have called home.  
And in 1995, Alam Indah began welcoming guests behind the Monkey Forest in Nyuh Kuning Village. Bapak continued creating 
Alam Jiwa and Alam Shanti incorporating his artistic touches with local craftsmen and artisans.
Our accommodations blend in open-air Bali living with modern amenities in traditional architecture.

Our staff come from traditional villages, some from remoter parts of Bali where life still continues very much unlike the newly developed Bali world. Village community life remains very strong and this also reflects in our business space. Some of our staff have been with us since the beginning years. They all love to extend a warm welcome with a sincere wish you will be comfortable and enjoy experiencing and learning about Bali culture. 


Bapak and Ibu have continued to serve their community initiated as pemangku village priests.

The passing of Bapak Mangku in 2020 saddened many people but we feel his spirit continues with us all.

Bapak created the Hibiscus flower as the symbol of Café Wayan. These flowers grew on the land behind the original warung.  Bapak felt that we should all live our lives blooming in beauty and strength as long as we are in this world. Hibiscus flowers continue to bloom on our properties today.



Traditional paintings of Bapak Mangku Ketut and his local artist friends are on exhibit at our little gallery located at the entrance to Alam Shanti.
Traditional Balinese paintings depict daily Balinese life or ancient stories and myths, so please stop by for a visit!
Click Here to See More of:  Bapak's Gallery 

We also hope these paintings can help bring more smiles to others!
10% of sales are donated to The Bali Smile Foundation
facilitating operations for children with cranio-facial disabilities.
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We look forward to welcoming you to Bali as your home away from home..